Retail chain

Maximize productivity and enhance the shopping experience by aligning staff numbers to the amount of visitors.

Shopping mall

Accurate footfall figures and capture rate are essential metrics for a mall manager or property owner that help justify rents for leasing inquiries.

Gas station

Discover and maximize the potential of the store surface using accurate visitor figues and discover how loyal visitors are.

Car dealer

Find out how many potential customers your showroom attracts and maximize the performance of your sales team.


As a casino owner you want to know which game areas receive most interest of your visitors, especially if you want to add more games.

ls casino eigenaar wilt u weten welke gebieden of spelen de meeste interesse ontvangen van uw bezoekers, vooral als u meer spelen wilt toevoegen.


The overall experience of visitors is important to let them return, but more important are footfall figures to evaluate the success of an exhibition.

Department store

Many square meters and high traffic numbers, but where do visitors go and what areas receive a lot of visitors?

Retail chain
Shopping mall
Gas station
Car dealer
Department store


Valuable insights for everybody

Understanding the effect of marketing and operational efforts on sales is complicated ...

Retailers and mallmanagers need reliable data to help them make informed decisions that have a positive impact on sales. Using valuabel insights into visitor numbers, retailers can create effective marketing and operational decisions, and understand the associated consequences. With the integration of transactional data, promotions, and other datasets StoreScan is able to generate more valuable insights to optimize performance.

Valuable insights

Optimized for your organization

  • identify the number of staff compared to the number of visitors to maximize sales conversion and minimize labor costs
  • measure the performance of campaigns and advertising
  • discover how long visitors stayed and are they a frequent visitor
  • fairly and accurately compare stores with low volume to stores with high volume
  • discover traffic realty and hard data to bring you in strong position about rent price negotiations.
  • find out which marketing campaings worked, what doesn’t, and how to convert traffic into business opportunities.
  • use people traffic as a measure of occupancy and to determine the amount of staff required throughout the day.
  • discover how many shoppers visit each zone at different time of the day.
  • identify power hours so you are able to optimize numbe rof staff.
  • discover how many returning visitors you receive to deploy a loyalty program.
  • find out how long visitors spent in the shop in order to offer new services or product.
  • identify accurate the number of visitors that came to play.
  • discover how long visitors stayed to play and test ways to make them try out more games.
  • identify power hours to optimize staff scheduling and keep service levels high.
  • discover how many players return and how often they return.
  • identify the number of visitors that visited the showroom to schedule the number sales men.
  • based on the dwell time, discover how long visitors have to wait untill they get service.
  • measures traffic to analyze the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • identify whether visitors come for service or may be looking for a new car.
  • accurate visitor numbers indicate the popularityof  specific exhibition.
  • use traffic numbers as a measure of occupancy and to determine the amount of staff required throughout the day.
  • determine which facility visitors use most often or find most useful based on number of visitors in the particular area.
  • demonstrate your value to the community by proving how well your promotional events have helped in increasing the number of visitors.

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