This how StoreScan works

The StoreScan technology in a nuttshell


The various StoreScan sensors together form a 360 degree analysis suite for your visitors. From an accurate raffic counter to an advanced facial analysis technology to fully understand who, where and when.

Analyze traffic numbers, visualize the conversion rate, calculate the frequency of returning visitors and build a complete customer profile.

StoreScan collects data about visitors using sensors.

The advanced 3D sensor accurately counts the number of visitors0 the Video sensor determines demographic data about visitors, and the WiFi sensor detects information about the behavior of your visitors.

3D Sensor


The 3D sensor utilizes dual-lens technologyto detects and register very accurate foot traffic. Using the dual-lens video technology, the sensor can accurately count individual visitors without double-counting, carts and other large merchandise.

Video Sensor

The video sensors can provide retailers and other venues detailed demographic information about their visitors. Demographic analysis is done by collecting observational data about age and gender. Visitors are analyzed passively, no personal data is collected.


WiFi Sensor


The WiFi sensor registers non-personal wireless data emitted by mobile devices from visitors. This data is processed completely anonymously so that customer behavior ican be analyzed on visit frequency and dwell time.

Technology that can integrate with StoreScan