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Frequently asked questions about StoreScan

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StoreScan offers two sensors (WiFi and 3D video) to register activities in your stores. These sensors can be combined easily. The more sensors you install, the more information is collected, and the more you can understand what’s happening.

No, the StoreScan sensors operates standalone. Each single sensor is connected directly to the internet – using the store’s network.

Yes. The starting point is that a 3D sensor is required for each entrance. Depending on the ceiling height and the width of the doorway, in some cases a multi-sensor environment is required. Dimensions of the entrance and ceiling height are decisive.

It can, but it depends on the type of hardware. StoreScan supports multiple types of traffic counters, fabricated by various leading vendors. Please contact us for more information.

data collection

The StoreScan 3D sensor counts visitors with an accuracy of 98% or higher. Usually more than enough for reliable data. It is possible to validate counts and / or re-calibrate by a StoreScan engineer.

StoreScan customers have the ability to provide transaction data to the StoreScan engine through a secure integration. The integration depends on any POS or ERP system you use. Please contact us for more information.

The StoreScan WiFi sensor only detect MAC addresses transmitted by mobile devices with WiFi enabled. Therefore no personal information collected can be collected. More information can be found here.

The 3D sensor can not identify staff by video images. But the sensor is able to count multiple lines. If staff is instructed to walk in or out through a specific area, StoreScan can exclude staff numbers from visitor numbers. The algorithm for WiFi analytics is able to identify and exclude wireless devices carried by staff.

The counts of the 3D sensor are stored on the sensor it’s storage, and sent through the internet. If there is no internet due to an outage, it will store the counts untill the internet is back. Note: if there is no power, the sensor is powered off and will not count.

The StoreScan sensors are monitored 24/7 in Amersfoort. Every hour a check is carried by the system whether all of the sensors are connected and counting. This proactive monitoring ensure the StoreScan customers with continuous data collection.

The roactive monitoring checks if a sensor generates data. Once there is a sign the sensor does not generate data, an automatic e-mail alert is sent to the responsible person. This person is responsible for checking on site:

  • whether there is an active internet at the site;
  • whether there is power at the site;
  • if the sensor is receiving power;
  • whether any cabling error is present.

The 3D sensor is mounted in the center of the doorway on the ceiling, so that it is looking top-down. The distance to the doorway is usually 1.5 meters from the doorway, but that depends on the ceiling height. The WiFi sensor is placed in the center of the store, preferably on the ceiling. The exact location depends on the shape of the store.

The installation is easy. Everything needed in the store is a network connection. Once mounted at the right location and connected to the network, a qualified StoreScan engineer can setup and calibrate the 3D sensor. There is always the option to let StoreScan technicians install the sensors.

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