Location intelligence on a silver platter

StoreScan helps organizations with physical locations to offer consistent services. In addition, StoreScan also helps to gain insight into the visitors and their behavior of visitors.

Extremely accurate and reliable

Counting real visitor numbers

StoreScan is not just a random supplier of people counters. We are a pioneer in the use of traffic data and we understand how this data helps increase sales, and to achieve your goals.

The moment you understand the patterns in traffic numbers, you can take action to improve the performance of locations.

By placing multiple StoreScan sensors at a location, you get a deeper insight into the way visitors move throughout the location.

Which departments are popular? Which are often forgotten?
StoreScan shows it.

Zone traffic

Ground floor
First floor
Fitting rooms
Service desk

Marketing information

Capture rate location
Returning visitors

Successful marketing increases sales

Measures marketing effectiviness

How do you measure the effect of marketing? We believe that successful marketing increases sales. For a (retail) organization that wants to attract visitors to visit the location, the goal of a campaign is to increase traffic numbers.

Once you measure the traffic numbers and have the insight into who your visitors are, you can quantify the effectiveness of each euro you spend on marketing. StoreScan helps you understand whether you are attracting the right target group to visit the location, whether you can increase the dwell time of a visit, and which campaign has resulted in new customers.

Which marketing campaign was the most successful? Do we know that the campaign will attract the right target group to visit?
StoreScan shows it.

Focus on the service level

Effective staffing

You can quickly achieve the return on your investment in StoreScan by concentrating on your power hours. Your power hours are when your traffic numbers are highest. By optimizing the staff / visitors ratio you can see rapid improvement in your turnover.

StoreScan is intelligent.Iit can show you how many visitors are at your location at the same time. Based on this information, you can optimize the ratio of staff to visitors in a much more targeted way.

At what times will my location get the most visitors? How many visitors are present at the same time compared to the number of staff members? StoreScan shows it.

Hours with most concurrent visitors

11:00 - 12:00
12:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:00
16:00 - 17:00

StoreScan provides valuable insights

  • Traffic numbers
  • Unique visitors
  • Power hours
  • Capture rate
  • Dwell time
  • Zone visitors
  • Gender of visitor
  • Age of visitor
  • Staff to associate rate
  • Kids & adults
  • Realtime visitors
  • Concurrent visitors

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