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It is unfair: e-commerce have a wealth of data they use constantly to optimize their operation thanks to Google Analytics. Traditional retailers with physical stores can not. We at StoreScan like a fair fight.

That is why we have developed a weapon that provides traditional retailers similar views, but for the physical stores. Our weapon is StoreScan.

Our Dream

Our dream is to grow your business, by the clever use of data.

StoreScan changes the way retailers manage the physical store by visitor behavior insight. Based on the data,  operations and marketing can be tested, measured and improved, continuously.

Our 'Why'?

At StoreScan we have a passion for data and technological capabilities to record physical movements. We always use the best hardware offered by the market in order to further improve StoreScan.

But wat it really is about, is helping businesses with useful applications of that data. How do you test things smart, what are the outcomes? And above all: What makes you clever use of the data in practice?

With our knowledge of the technology and the skills of data science, we provide all possible tools so that every retailer can grow faster.

Our Tools

StoreScan was developed from a passion for data and technological capabilities to record physical behavior. StoreScan enables its customers to make decisions based on accurate data about visitors, conversion and staff-to-associate ratio.


Christiaan van Rooijen

Head of Operations

Daniel van der Wallen

Head of Infrastructure

Oeds-Jan Postma

Head of Marketing

Remco Jongerius

Head of Sales